8th August 2014

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There’s something really familiar about Yamori that I can’t quite put my finger on—


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20th January 2014

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Pink hair has been achieved!

Pink hair has been achieved!

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24th December 2013

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This basically just a: I have so much fucking cosplay shit what am I even going to use this for and also hey I’m moving to Washington next year might as well get rid of things I don’t need giVEAWAY. ( Subtitled: Thanks for 5,000+ followers )

It’s free stuff ok okokokokook. 

  • One short red wig 
  • One short green wig ( used for Trickster Dave )

Reblog to enter. 

You don’t have to be following me but hey if you want to that’s cool. 0 8

EDIT: THIS ENDS ON January, 1st 

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3rd December 2013

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OKAY SO GIVEAWAY. (Merry Christmas Bitches[or whatever holiday you celebrate])

I got this bunny hoodie in pink and it don’t fit around my bum.

and it is cute but I think I will just find a bigger size so I can enjoy it more!

So since it was only 13$ I don’t really think I can sell it and get my profit back/it’s not really worth it so I am just doing a giveaway for it. (I also spent a little time wearing it and deiced I just want to get a bigger size So there)

It is brand new and I have worn it for like an hour sitting in my dorm room and that is it so yeup!


  • You don’t have to be following me
  • One Like and One Reblog (so you get two chances to win)
  • I can only afford to ship to continental USA sorry >:
  • uhhhh OH It ends dec18th!

THE SIZE IS PROBS EQUIVALENT TO A US SIZE 4-6 or a XS-S so just keep that in mind when buying it.

I am a size 8ish and it is just a bit too small for me sooooo yeah.

I may or may not add information as I think of it!

19th October 2013

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Witchy work in progress…

Witchy work in progress…

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7th October 2013


akaisha0-deactivated20141012 said: Hello! I wanted to let you know 1. Your Sugar is wonderful. 2. We used a link to your Tumblr post to express how this cosplay could be done tastefully. We're at war right now with a local convention that despite the allowance of a costume like this by local laws the convention itself refuses to allow basing their point first on the non existent law and then trying to cover their ass when we pointed it out. I hope it's okay that we referenced your work in our argument!

AAaaa that’s so flattering! I’m honored that you’d use my cosplay as such a reference really wow but yeah that whole decency ordeal is really strange

You tell ‘em!

22nd September 2013

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The other day marked an amazing milestone, five thousand followers! That’s three zeros and a five! To celebrate, I’m making a giveaway, because those are always fun to participate in!

To start out let’s go over the prizes-

First Place:

-Scouting Legion Cloak [Size is a fit for everyone]

-Scouting Legion Jacket [May be substituted from any faction]

-Key Chain Set 

-Necklace set

-Ring set

Only if you are following me- Mystery gift

Second Prize: 

-Your choice of two of the three sets [Key chain, necklace, or rings]

Only if you are following me- Mystery gift 

Third Prize:

-Your choice of one of the three sets [Key chain, necklace, or rings]

Only if you are following me- Mystery gift

Now for the rules… Yeah, I know, rules are really lame. 

- You do not have to be following me to win; however, if you are following me you get an extra entry, and if you win you will be guaranteed an adorable mystery gift

-The giveaway will conclude on October 25, 2013

-Winners must respond within 48 hours of being notified they won or their prize will be given to another

-Winners will be selected through a random number generator

-A reblog will count as one entry and a like will be another; however, remember if you are following me then you get another entry! However, you may only have one like and reblog. Only one of each will count as an entry.

-I can ship internationally 

-If you are the first place winner than I will need to know your chest measurements for the jacket

-Winners will stay anonymous unless I’m told otherwise

I think this is everything…

Thank you again for everything, everyone, and I hope we all have much fun in the future! :)

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21st September 2013

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Today I went to a Halloween store and came home with this.

Today I went to a Halloween store and came home with this.

Tagged: rigi ramblesmother fuckin skeleton corsetthe best part was trying to explain it to my parents and convince them it wasn't super weird that I bought itgood times

20th September 2013


snowpixiez said: Hello :3 I saw your Sugar cosplay from the game OFF and was wondering where you bought your jacket?

I didn’t buy it, I made it myself (without a pattern, too, and that probably wasn’t too wise) so sorry if I’m no help regarding that.

If you wanted I could try to explain how I made it?

18th August 2013

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Ok yeah this one ended up weirder than intended but that’s alright.

Ok yeah this one ended up weirder than intended but that’s alright.

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